Most of you may not know or may not want to believe this. There is a gigantic difference in how the middle class and how the rich view saving money. There are tons of myths about the rich and also tons of myths about middle class society. However, there is one subject we cannot dispute. The rich are rich and stay rich for a reason.

There are many reasons why the rich gained their wealth. If we were to zone in on a small fraction of what those reasons were, I would have to write an entire book on that subject. Therefore, we are going to focus on one topic. SAVING MONEY VS. INVESTING MONEY. 


If you were raised in an average middle class household, I could guarantee that at some point in your life you wereSaving Money taught or shall I say told to “save your money”. At some point in our lives we all learn it and actually try it. Some save money more than others. Most are actually terrible at saving a decent buck. We all have our own techniques and tricks. We all have our goals, ambition and/or projects. However, with all this money us middle class folk save, why are the majority of us still paying a mortgage? Why are most middle class people paying on their cars, boats, motorcycles, computers, televisions, jewelry, weddings? Why? Of course saving money will help out here and there. For some people, having a good amount of money saved actually worked wonders for what ever situation they were in. Maybe your plumbing went bad. Maybe you needed to suddenly put a roof on your new house. Maybe you had an uncontrollable emergency which required a certain amount of money to fix. Having money saved for all of these unfortunate events are very necessary. However, is that all we save money for? To have for when things go wrong? For emergency situations? We save money for our entire life just for this?

My grandmother saved over $13,000. It took her years to save this money. She needed to get the front part of her roof fixed. The section over the front porch was caving in. Needless to say her $13,000 was gone in one week. That’s insane. How many of us can walk into a dealership today and purchase a brand new car with a portion of the money we saved? Some can but the majority cannot. How many of us can pay for five years of college without breaking the bank? Some can but the majority of us cannot. This may be why most rich people are not too fond of saving money. At least in the same fashion as us middle class folk. Bottom line, sociological studies and wealthy people have proven that saving money is a very bad practice instilled in middle class and lower-class families.


Saving MoneyIf you were raised in a wealthy household. Meaning your family grosses over 7.5 million dollars a year. Chances are you have a very good understanding of “investing money”. I spoke with a very wealthy man for the first time in my life a few years ago. We were having a very healthy conversation about money and politics (he was running for congress in my city at the time. He lost). When I told him I was saving money from my checks at work, he began to laugh hysterically. He was the first person to tell me not to focus my entire life on saving money. He said in confidence that, “if you have to save then save for a rainy day, after you’ve saved then invest intelligently and aggressively“. Then he began to give me tips on how the rich use other peoples money. However, that is another subject within itself. After speaking with this man, I of course learned more about how wealthy people view money. Not one of them view saving money the same as middle class or lower class people. There is a vast amount of multimillionaires and billionaires who actually filed for bankruptcy more than once. Some of these people were actually poor, then rich, then poor, then rich again. The reason why some of them go through this gruesome process is that they do not save money. They invest. The word invest or investing is nothing but a proper term for gambling. These two are almost one in the same. You have smart investors and you have bad investors.  You have smart gamblers and bad gamblers. You have gamblers who only play the slots and you have gamblers who play the tables. Bottom line, the majority of middle class people are very uncomfortable with investing/gambling with their money. Consequently, instead of investing their money into this great idea or talent they have, they work a job they hate and complain about their pension plan. A vast majority of these people even work a second job after retirement just to stay afloat along with their pension. In the mean time, the men and women who are investing usually end up doing something they love or end up on their private beach while others work for them.

Remember, it’s not all about being rich or living in some gigantic mansion. Being able to have a comfortable lifestyle after retirement is more than enough. Being able to take a vacation or remodel your house without worrying that your savings will be maxed out is more than enough. If you put the majority of your energy into investing your money wisely and aggressively instead of only saving, this can happen for you in due time.

Also, when I say invest, I am not saying to contact a financial advisor and easily throw your money into the stock market, retirement plan or some kind of mutual fund. Investing, meaning to actually invest in yourself. If you know how to make jewelry, get a small website and sell your products. If you own a truck with a plow on it, get a cheap website, Facebook business page, some business cards and start plowing during winter. If you are a good carpenter or painter, get your small business and start getting some good clients. I think you all get the point. You may not become a millionaire with these type of businesses ;however, with consistency and time you can earn some pretty good extra income. So, if you have to pay 20k for that caved in roof, it’s no big deal if you invested more than saving. The 20k that took years to save will be gone quickly and forever. However, that 20k you invested into your business years ago, will bring you that same 20k right back into your account after you fixed that roof.

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