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I warn you that for some of you this simple information might be very difficult to take in. However, if followed correctly, I assure you that this information will be life changing! Before I get into how to lose weight fast, there is something very very important you must understand about most of the information or programs you see on television and throughout the internet. In some way, shape or form they are making money. Therefore, their sole goal is not just your health or losing weight. Not that these diet and exercise programs are not effective because there are a vast amount of them that are. However, in order to get some dollars out of your pocket this is what most of them do.

  • They take something very simple, that works very quickly, turn it into rocket science then stretch out the information over long periods of time

There is always some new discovery or a new and improved technique to lose weight. The majority of this is just a huge scheme to make more money. I am going to break it down really quickly and make something humans have been doing for hundreds of years very simple. I will mix some very unique life changing information in there some where as well.

*This blog post will be a bit longer than usual blog posts.  If you are looking for two quick paragraphs on how to lose weight fast, then leave our page and be lazy on a different blog site. We are here to help people and to change lives. Not just give you some quick information to gain readers & subscribers*

Now let me initially explain that I am not talking about building muscle, toning up or making your six pack pop out. I will write separate articles for those topics. I am simply talking about losing weight. Let me first say that I absolutely hate saying the words “Lose Weight”! But I have no choice in most situations because that is the term millions of people understand. Instead, you should have your mind set on losing BODY FAT! If you would like to know more about the difference in losing weight or body fat, I highly suggest you read (Focus on LOSING BODY FAT not LOSING WEIGHT) after you are done reading this blog post. Losing weight/body fat is very important and the first step you absolutely must take before focusing on anything else if your body fat is too high. If your stomach, thighs, arms etc… have too much fat, you cain’t even think about going on a calorie surplus diet and build muscle to tone and shape those areas up. You must lose the fat first.

  • It’s very simple and if you follow these steps and series of articles correctly, losing your fat will not take you such a long time to accomplish

Rare & Straight Forward. Finally, Here Is How You Lose Weight Simple & Fast. And It’s All Free By The Way!

MEAL REPETITION: The absolute KEY to losing weight fast!

This is very powerful & unique information. Most companies will not tell you this because theyHow to lose weight fast will not make any money. Therefor, this is something you probably never heard of before. MEAL REPETITION! The majority of people who are overweight obviously do not know how to diet correctly or easily. If they did, most of them would not be over weight. Therefor, I came up with a very simple concept called meal repetition. I actually learned this concept from body builders. They do this very often and do it well. Building muscle is 100% harder than losing body fat and it is something that cannot be rushed unless you are taking steroids and pretty much living in the gym on top of that. This is why most body builders are actually experts at dieting. They do it for years! They bulk up (build muscle) for about 8 months to a year, then they cut (lose body fat) for about 3 to 4 months. They literally go from fat slobs to ripped and lean in 3 to 4 months. They do this for years. Bulk,cut, Bulk, cut, Bulk, cut then compete after years of training. One of the major things they all do is practice repetition. Now please pay attention. This is some really rare and life changing stuff! and it’s free.

When they are losing body fat, they repeatedly eat the SAME MEALS FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME! They put themselves on a calorie deficit diet. They count their calories out with each meal, then make about 2 weeks worth of those meals and eat the same meals. Some of them even go as far as 2 months with eating almost the same meals. There are hundreds of diet plans out there with all these elaborate delicious meals giving you a ton of variety! You are dieting! Trying to lose body fat fast. Variety will mess you up very quickly.

  • Hurry up and whip together a caloric deficit meal plan and eat it constantly until you measure a different set of meals out

  • Then eat those meals constantly. It’s a no brainer!

No matter what you do, you literally must be in a caloric deficit to lose body fat fast and effectively. When I say effectively, I mean not losing weight in the wrong places and having a weird shape once your done so called dieting. You ever see people who lost all this weight but still have a fat stomach? Well, they obviously did not diet correctly. This is explained in more detail in (Focus on loosing BODY FAT not LOOSING WEIGHT). Repetition and being at a caloric deficit is a very simple concept; however, there are a few very important things you must know when doing this. Keep reading. You may be able to change your life.



How to lose weight fast I cannot say this enough. You must be in a calorie deficit!!! Let me say it again. You must be in a CALORIC deficit!  If you truly believe that you can lose weight/body fat while eating what you want and how much you want, then please leave this article. If you actually accomplished losing weight by eating what you want and how much you want, please stop taking whatever pills or drugs you are taking and go see a doctor before it’s too late. Being in a caloric deficit is very self explanatory. However, there are certain things you must be aware of while being in a proper caloric deficit.

  • You must get proper servings of fruits and vegetables.

  • You have to stay away from sugar: junk, candy, cakes and pies! You should get your sugar from your food and fruit! No gatorade, powerade, energy drinks etc… No ordering coffee with 2 sugars and 2 creams. The chemicals and artificial stuff will mess up your insides but if you cannot help yourself, just order 2 splenda and 2 creams.

  • Juice? Stay away from juice. Yes it is healthy for you but any body builder will tell you that they DO NOT DRINK THIER CALORIES. They eat them. Drink water.

  • Do not eat high calorie snacks such as peanuts. There are up to 300 calories in one glass of orange juice. There are over 150 calories in one healthy handful of peanuts. If you are in a calorie deficit and you drink 300 calories and eat a handful of peanuts that don’t even put a dent in your stomach, you are going to have a very hard time

  • You must get your fruit (for snacks), vegetables, whole grains and lean meats (fish and/or chicken).

  • Your meals should be meals that are filling!

If you are a women, you should not fall below a 1200 calorie diet and you should not be above 1400 calories a day. If you are a man, you should not fall below a 1500 calorie diet and should not be above 1800 calories a day.



Some of you might not like this. But here it is. YOU HAVE TO WORK OUT VERY VERY HARD!!!How to lose weight fast Stay off of machines! I repeat, Stay off of machines. No TREADMILL, NO ELLIPTICAL. Stay away from easy classes. Do you really think deep down inside that a ZUMBA class is going to shred your body fat and give you this amazing looking body? As a matter of fact, if you are just beginning, you should not be in a gym at all. For the first few months, you should be running on pavement and doing your basic movements: push ups, sit ups and maybe some weightless squats in the mix. After you get used to running, doing push ups and sit ups, then you start to do HITT cardio. HITT cardio sucks! You feel like you are going to pass out when you are done. Guess what? It’s very hard, so it works very fast. A 20 min HITT cardio work out is 100 times more effective then doing a nice hour long wonderful site seeing jog.

When you attend the gym do not get your butt on that treadmill or elliptical again, unless you are warming up or until you reach your goal and can afford to have an easy day at the gym. Do you ever think to yourself why there’s usually a large amount of overweight people using those machines? ITS EASY! When you attend the gym, attend difficult classes such as a spin class 3x a week and/or a bootcamp/boxercise class. Bottom line at the end of a class, if your shirt isn’t soaked with sweat, if you are talking about how much of a good time you had and how you just cant wait to go back, maybe you should not be taking that class.

If you get done with a class such as spin class or boxercise and say things such as, “I think that is too hard for me to do right now”, “Im too out of shape to keep up”, “it hurts too much” (A cop out to not go back to a hard class), well guess what, that is right where you need to stay for at least 6 months.

But no worries!  You can also just go to the gym the next day or when you’re not sore anymore, bypass that hard class and go to that lovely dance class or run on that treadmill while you watch television. Make a few phone calls and pay some bills while you’re at it. I hope you get the picture. If not, you will not lose body fat fast or correctly.

Is that it?

Hold on wait. Where is the fancy $100 program with all of these work out techniques and amazing diet plans with hundreds of different great tasting meals for me to eat while dieting? Now that’s a run on sentence for your ass right there. Lets break this down again one more time.

  • Be in a  1200 – 1400 calorie deficit ( for women ) or 1500-1800 calorie deficit ( for men ) diet. While in a calorie deficit, do not drink your calories. Do not eat junk. Eat Fruit and vegetables.

  • Eat your lean meats: Fish and/or chicken (you must weigh them out unless they are already individually packaged with a nutrition label).

  • Pack up your meals after you measure and cook them! Eat the same measured food constantly until you cant take it anymore. Then make up a different series of measured meals and eat that.

  • Work out very hard! If you have a certain injury or condition, you need to consult a professional. However, if not. Work out very very hard. Stay off of the machines while you are dieting unless your are taking a easy day or warming up.

  • Do HITT cardio. If you do not know what HITT cardo is click here to watch this video.

  • Do not go to easy classes at the gym. Go to spin classes, boxercise and bootcamp classes. If you do not feel very tired and possibly pissed off as a beginner, that class might not be for you.

Oh and one more thing I forgot to add. Learn, Learn, Learn from people who are dieting and providing free advice like myself. Stay away from all this new discovery BS. It’s created to make money people. It’s very simple.

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