Fun First Date Ideas

Dinner and a movie? Come on people. Where is the fun and excitement? I mean you could never go wrong with a good steak and lobster right? Well, that is not what the majority of men and women reported during a small study on where they would rather go on a first date. The majority of men and women stated that dinner and a movie is kind of old fashioned and boring. Most men reported feeling weird and distant during a movie on a first date. Most women stated that they really feel uncomfortable sitting there eating in front of a new person. Especially someone they are trying to impress.  Check out my Fun First Date Ideas Listed below!

This is what most of them enjoyed most

#1) Theme Park!

Suggest going to a theme park. This was by far on the top of the list of fun first dates. Going to a theme park with a
new person for the first date gives the man and women both a chance to let loose and open up. Your attire is not aFun first date ideas suit and tie or that nice black dress with the high heels. Your attire is a pair of shorts and flip flops with your bathing suit either under your clothes or in your book bag. Going on a crazy roller coaster, screaming, laughing and making your hair go crazy surely can make for some really good conversation. The variety of activities is almost a cure all for anything to go bad. If you don’t enjoy the first date at a good theme park, you might as well loose the number.

Fun first date ideas#2) Sports

Simply ask what sport do they enjoy and suggest going to a football, basketball, baseball or hockey game for your first date. This is a no brainer. No 3 piece suit or skirt with high heals. Just dress comfortable and have fun. Hey and if the two of you are being flirtatious, eating a hot dog should be hilarious.

#3) Concert
Once again. If you know enough about the other person, suggest they attend a concert to see an artist the both of you will enjoy. The only downside of attending a concert is the noise.Fun first date ideas However, the noise will cause the both of you to move in closer during conversation. A large amount of people actually kiss on the first date during concerts.

Fun first date ideas

#4) Local Festival

In most cities there are always some kind of festival occurring. Mainly in the spring and summer seasons. Suggest attending a good festival. Talk, eat and have fun. This is not as exciting as attending a theme park for the first date. However, the both of you will surely feel more comfortable and be more flirtatious than staring at each other for the first time at a dinner table.

Whats your first date experience?

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