Dating Tips For Women #1- DRINKINGDating tips for women                                                         

Don’t get pissy drunk! I don’t care what you always do on a friday night out. If this is your first few dates, do not get pissy drunk lady. Now, if you don’t care then do it. Get drunk and let him F your brains out. However, if this is someone you might want to take seriously, you should have enough sense to at least act like a well behaved women for a bit. First impression is everything.

Dating tips for womenDating Tips For Women #2 – YOUR EX

Don’t mention your ex-boyfriend or past relationships! A vast amount of women tend to do this on the first date. Especially if they are going through a break up or if they are just trying to make conversation. Consequently, a vast amount of women are still in some way shape or form still messing around with their ex. Therefore, they subconsciously talk about him when they finally go out with a new person. Don’t do it! Try your best to refrain from talking about him or even telling him who he is. A vast amount of men actually reported knowing the guy or knowing someone who knows the guy. These men also reported that once finding this out, they kept it secret, then received information on the girl either from the ex and/or friends who knew her ex. Yes, men do their secret squirrel shit too ladies!

Dating Tips For Women #3 -DON’T OVERDUE ITDating tips for women

Don’t wear a ton of make up. Take it easy. Some guys don’t care about the makeup caked on your face. However, for some men too much makeup is a turn off. Leave that black or bright red lipstick off this time. He might like it. He might not. But you cant go wrong with just YOUR LIPS! Now, even if you met him at a bar or in a club wearing a nice short skirt, unless you are trying to have a one night stand with him or Fudge on the first date, do not wear anything too revealing. Dress sexy and classy at the same time. If you are going on a casual date, which requires you to dress down to something comfortable, make sure your butt is not poking out of your shorts. Remember that you do not know what he like or dislikes. You don’t want to find out the hard way. Especially if it might be serious. Just don’t overdue it. Keep it simple.

What are your negatives on first dates?

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