Dating Tips For Men #1- DRINKINGDating tips for men

Drink according to her! If you see that she is ordering a ton of drinks, then you order some drinks as well. If she has two glasses of wine, you drink a glass of wine. Gauge her. Don’t make her think you are super boring but don’t make her think you are a drunken party animal either. The worst thing you can do on the first few dates is to get pissy drunk while she is sober or just tipsy. Some women will actually have a good time seeing you loosen up and act a fool. However, some women will think you were embarrassing, immature and not bf material. If you’re really into her, don’t take your chances by finding out the hard way. If you offer to buy her a drink and she says she is not drinking, then don’t drink bro! On the other hand if she gets plastered, drive her home, lay her in the bed (with her cloths on) LOL, go home, knock on her door the next morning with breakfast in hand. Consequently, if you were never invited over, don’t try to make breakfast at her house. How would you feel about some new person going through your kitchen. That stuff only work in the movies man.

Dating tips for menDating Tips For Men #2- YOUR EX

Don’t mention your ex-girlfriend or past relationships! Women are the complete opposite in this situation. If a woman blabber about her ex or current break up to a new guy, most guys will just shake their head and agree only asking a few questions here and there. If they are smart that is. However, some women on the other hand will go as far as you let them. They will ask a ton of questions and gossip with you about your ex for the entire date. Listen man, she is studying you. Whether you realize it or not. Maybe your story and talking about your ex might make her think highly of you, if she completely believes you and take your side. But if she is not agreeing with your story and think you are full of shit, then you will never know. You’d just be wondering why she’s not calling you back and why she’s now friends with your ex on Facebook.

Dating Tips For Men #3 – DON’T OVERDUE ITDating tips for men

Take the dark shades off. Let her see your face. Don’t wear a tank top or open shirt just yet. If you want to show off your figure, wear a nice tight T-shirt. Oh and don’t wear flip flops bro! If you do, she will surly take a few looks at your feet to see how they look . You might think your feet is beautiful. She might think they are hideous. If you have chest hair, please hide that shit dude. Do you want her on the phone speaking to her friend about how she couldn’t stand that ugly big toe and that chest hair you had poking out of your shirt? Bottom line, keep it simple. You don’t know what she like or dislike just yet. You don’t want to find out on the first date.

What are your negatives on first dates?

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